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China-Japan Youth Friendly Exchange Convention Successfully Held in Beijing

Time:2019-12-23Editor:Wang LeiResource:Department of East Asain AffairsPrintingSize:LargeMediumSmall

In the afternoon of December 23th, CPAFFC held China-Japan Youth Friendly Exchange Convention in the Great Hall of the People. State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi, Japanese Foreign Minister Motegi Toshimitsu sent congratulation letters respectively on behalf of Chinese and Japanese governments. President Li Xiaolin, vice president Song Jingwu of CPAFFC, director general of Department of Asian Affairs of Foreign Ministry Wu Jianghao, former Japanese Chief Cabinet Secretary and president of Japan-China Association for Promotion of Friendly & Cultural Exchange Kawamura Tateo, chief envoy of Japanes embassy in China Ueno Atsushi as well as representatives of relevant organisations of both countries as well as Chinese and Japanese youth representatives adding up to about 1200 people attended the convention.


President Li Xiaolin said in her speech, it is a grand occasion of 2019 China-Japan Youth Exchange and Promotion Year that over two thousand young people from China and Japan gathered in Beijing and attended the China-Japan Youth Friendly Exchange Convention. The congratulation letters of State Councilor Wang Yi and Japanese Foreign Minister Motegi Toshimitsu mark the great importance attached by both governments to the young exchange. The youth is the hope of the country and the nation, which also holds the future of relations of both countries. CPAFFC held the opening ceremony of 2019 China-Japan Youth Exchange & Promotion Year successfully in April and worked together with multiple Japanese organisations to have co-organized mutual visits of over two thousand young people of both countries, launched friendly exchange events of diverse aspects and various forms. Through mutual visits and exchanges, the youth of both countries have gained objective and more rational understanding of the opposite country and have built a bond of heart in the new meeting. Looking into the future, CPAFFC would continuously work with all sectors of chinese and Japanese societies as well as all locals to strengthen exchanges of young people and to make contributions to establishing a better future for China-Japan relations together.


Kawamura Tateo said in his speech, Japan and China have long history of friendly exchanges, whose basis is exactly the mutual understanding and trust of both people. A bright future for Japan-China friendship can only be achieved through friendly exchanges of young people of both countries. In 2019, China-Japan Youth Exchange & Promotion Year, both sides launched various exchange events, of which the China-Japan Youth Friendly Exchange Convention is the largest event and can be described as a mile stone of Japan-China youth exchange events. He hoped that youth exchange between both countries can be continuously expanded and implemented.


Young representatives of both countries shared their thoughts about exchanges respectively and gave varieties of performances with characteristics of both countries.


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