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The Delegation Led by Vice president Song Jingwu Paid a Visit to Ireland

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Vice president Song Jingwu of CPAFFC visited Ireland from May 22nd to 26th at the invitation of Asia Matters, an Ireland think tank. During his visit, he attended the China-Ireland Business Summit and the commemorative banquet to celebrate the 40th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Ireland and China and delivered speech respectively. He expressed in his speech that China and Ireland are both visionary and independent, upholding multilateralism and rule-based international relationship and opposing unilateralism and protectionism. He also gave an introduction to the Belt and Road Initiative and its deliverables over the 6 years since President Xi Jinping proposed it in 2013.

In Dublin Vice president Song Jingwu met Ken Duggen, Chairman of Ireland China Institute, exchanging the vies on China’s opening-up, trade and local cooperation and trade dispute. 

CPAFFC and Asia Matters signed the MOU for People to People Exchanges and Local Cooperation in Cork City for celebrating the 40th anniversary of the establishment of the diplomatic ties, witnessed by deputy PM Coveney and His Excellency He Xiangdong, Chinese Ambassador to Ireland. Mr.Coveney said that MOU is about deepening the relationship between Ireland and China which is already strong and getting stronger. As China reaches out to EU and outside world-through Belt and Road Initiative in particular-and becomes more globalized, there are significant opportunities for every side.

The CPAFFC delegation also met the vice mayors of Cork city and Cork County respectively. Mr Song said that China will facilitate local cooperation and create favorable terms for the twinning of Chinese and foreign cities.

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