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VP Xie Yuan Meets with the CSG Delegation of the U.S.

Time:2015-10-19Editor:Jin HanghangResource:Department of American and Oceanian AffairsPrintingSize:LargeMediumSmall

On October 19th, Vice President Xie Yuan met with the Council of State Government (CSG) delegation of the U.S., headed by Governor Brian Sandoval from the State of Nevada.

Vice President Xie said that CSG delegation’s visit is at the important junction of China-U.S. relations. Chinese President Xi Jinping recently paid a state visit to the U.S. which is of historical importance. During the visit, our two presidents reached a series of consensus, setting an important strategic direction for the bilateral relations. He also attended the Third China-U.S. Governors Forum held in Seattle, WA hosted by CPAFFC, which showed the great emphasis paid to sub-national cooperation by President Xi. Besides, to commemorate the cooperation and friendship between China and U.S., who fight shoulder by shoulder for peace and justice during the Second World War, CPAFFC had held a photo exhibition featuring the cooperation between our two countries in Washington D.C this year. The tour exhibition will be held in Las Vegas, Nevada in November. Xie hoped that the delegates could find more cooperation opportunities in environmental protection, trade, tourism, education and other fields during the trip.

As the head of the delegation, Governor Sandoval said that he was very honored to lead the “All Star CSG delegation” which includes many senators and representatives from different states. They wish to know more about China and seek more cooperation opportunities. Sandoval also expressed his warm welcome to the photo exhibition to be held in Las Vegas.

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