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President Gu Xiulian of China-ASEAN Association Meets H.R.H.Princess Masna of Brunei

Time:2016-05-30Editor:Wu JiongResource:Department of Asian and African AffairsPrintingSize:LargeMediumSmall

On May 30th, Mme. Gu Xiulian, President of China-ASEAN Association(CAA) met H.R.H.Princess Masna, Ambassador-at-Large of Foreign Affairs and Trade of Brunei.

President Gu welcomed Masna for her 10th visit to China and sang a high praise to Princess’s contribution to the development of bilateral relations and people-to-people friendship. President Gu said that China and Brunei are friendly neighbors and the bilateral ties set a good example for countries with different social systems to treat each other equally, conduct mutually-beneficial and win-win cooperation and coexist in harmony. On the occasion of the 25th Anniversary of the China-Brunei diplomatic ties, the Chinese side is willing to deepen the strategic cooperative relationship, strengthen the cooperation in each fields and promote the people-to-people exchanges.

Princess Masna thanked President Gu for sparing the time out of her busy schedule for the meeting and expressed that Brunei is willing to take the 25 anniversary of the establishment of bilateral diplomatic relations as a good opportunity to promote the further development of the relationship as well as the cooperation in the fields of economic and trade, social and cultural affairs. Brunei appreciates the government-dispatched Chinese volunteers to Brunei on Chinese language, medical and business, and look forward to more cooperation regarding civil servant, finance and agriculture.

Mr.Liu Xinsheng, Vice President of China-Brunei Association and the first Chinese Ambassador to Brunei, Mr. Min Yongnian, former Chinese Ambassador to Brunei and H.E.Magdelene Teo, Ambassador of Brunei to China were present during the meeting.

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