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Vice President Li Yuanchao Meets with the Delegation of the Japan-China Friendship Parliamentarians' Union

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On May 5th,2016,Vice President Li Yuanchao met with the delegation of the Japan-China Friendship Parliamentarians' union led by its president KOMURA MASAHIKO who is also the Vice President of Japan’s Liberal Democratic Party. 

Vice President Li Yuanchao said, the relationship between China and Japan has been led into a long detour over past years, which should be treated as a great lesson. The relationship got improved in the past year, yet it is still fragile. Chinese side would like to promote the healthy and stable development of the two countries’ relations, based on the four political documents and the spirit of "learning from history and facing the future". It is expected that Japan could work with China towards the same direction, properly handle relevant sensitive issues, and make practical efforts to the improvement of bilateral ties.

Mr. KOMURA MASAHIKO expressed his wish to improve the national feelings of the people of two countries, and promote to build mutually beneficial Japan-China friendly and cooperative relations continuously, through enhancing the two countries’ exchanges in different fields. 

Mr. Tang Jiaxuan, President of China-Japan Friendship Association, attended the meeting.

The Japan-China Friendship Parliamentarians' union delegation visits China at the invitation of the Chinese People’s Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries.

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